4 Color Maximum

Vinyl is perfect for many uses.

Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) can be pressed onto nearly any clothing item or accessory. It looks great on its own, and looks even better when paired with another method of apparel decoration. HTV and Embroidery are the most popular options for Athletic Uniforms.

Adhesive Vinyl is best known for its use on public street signs, vehicle striping, and window decals. It is also great for decorating items such as water bottles and home decor.


Although there are many home crafters using vinyl to decorate items, please be aware that the vinyls sold in craft supply stores are the lowest quality and have a high chance of peeling, cracking and fading. This has given vinyl the reputation as an undesirable method of decoration. EgoLine Apparel sources only the best vinyl from professional-level suppliers within the sign and apparel industry, and guarantees beautiful, professional long-lasting results.

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